Edge Cases
Possible Edge Cases

API Response Edge Cases

While our API strives to provide consistent and well-structured responses, there are certain edge cases and abnormalities that developers should be aware of. This section highlights some of these edge cases to help you handle them appropriately in your applications.

User Array and Creator Field

In some cases, the user array associated with a script may be empty. This situation arises from a major overhaul of Rscripts' authentication system. Inactive creators who have not created a new account or claimed their old profile after this revamp will have an empty user array associated with their scripts.

To address this, an additional field named creator is included for such cases. The creator field contains a simple string representing the original creator's username.

Image File Format

Please note that images uploaded approximately between 2021 and 2022 may have an incorrect file extension, despite being labeled as .webp. This discrepancy was caused by an unnoticed bug in our back-end system during that period.

Download Fields

It's important to note that scripts from 2021 and 2022 may contain direct download links to the Discord CDN in the download field. Due to changes in Discord's policies, these links may no longer be accessible externally, so you should be prepared to handle such cases appropriately.

Description Field Formatting

Creators are allowed to format their script descriptions using HTML tags. As a result, the description field may contain HTML markup. Your application should properly handle and convert the HTML content to ensure it is displayed correctly.

Generally, we recommend working with data from 2022 onwards to ensure accurate and up-to-date results with proper data structures. This approach will help you avoid any potential issues caused by incorrect or outdated data.