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Rscripts API Documentation (Beta)

Welcome to the Rscripts API Documentation! This documentation is currently in beta, and public API access is experimental. We're excited to provide you with the ability to integrate our powerful cloud script service into your applications, UI's, executors, and Discord bots.


Rscripts is a leading platform for sharing and executing scripts, primarily focused on the Roblox ecosystem. Our API allows developers to seamlessly access and interact with our vast collection of scripts, enabling countless possibilities for enhancing user experiences and automating tasks.

Integration Benefits

By integrating the Rscripts API into your applications, you can:

  • Access a vast library of user-contributed scripts for various games and purposes.
  • Enhance user experiences by providing access to a vast array of scripts directly within your application.
  • Automate tasks and streamline processes through script integration and direct script access.
  • Benefit from high-quality scripts with well-written titles, descriptions, and other metadata, thanks to our strict rules for creators.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all scripts are secure, as our dedicated team checks for and removes any malicious content, and we have robust anti-alt detection systems in place.
  • Leverage strong servers and fast CDN object storage for rapid script and image retrieval.

Terms of Use

When using the Rscripts API, you agree to include a small notice in every application that utilizes our API, acknowledging the service with the following text:

"Powered by"

This notice helps us maintain visibility and promote the growth of our platform, ensuring continued development and improvement of our services.

Implementing this notice takes minimal effort and time, yet it plays a crucial role in enabling us to keep the Rscripts API free and accessible for everyone. If too many users abuse the API without proper attribution, it jeopardizes our ability to sustain and improve the service, ultimately ruining it for all developers wanting to use it for free. By including the requested notice, you contribute to preserving this valuable resource for all.

Getting Started

To begin integrating the Rscripts API into your application, please refer to the following sections of our documentation:

  • Example app: An example of how you can use the Rscripts API in your application with explanations, instructions, and examples.
  • Script Integration: Learn how to integrate the Rscripts Scripts API into your application.

We're continuously working on expanding and improving our API documentation, so please check back regularly for updates and new features.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at or move even faster by opening a ticket inside our Discord server (opens in a new tab).

Happy coding!